“The ability to create what has not been thought of” has always been the driving force behind Branëu, the fashion and lifestyle brand founded in 2013 by brilliant modern visionary Dawayne E. Taylor.

Branëu, pronounced Bra-Nëu, seeks to push the culture forward by presenting “Brand Nëu” products while using quality fabrics and fittings to develop clothing for those who share the company’s creative desire.

The Branëu team is working to create Nëu designs using vast materials and production methods to produce the finest garments.

Branëu doesn’t stop at just outfitting the world’s innovators; the brand also aims to delve into endeavors concerning youth entrepreneurship and financial literacy to ensure that upcoming generations carry the ideals that Branëu represents.

At Branëu, we believe that everyone has the ability to “Create The Nëu” and we vow to promote this concept throughout everything that we do.

All products are made in the U.S.A. and the Nëuest fibers and fabrics are sourced from all around the world.